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MTT #132 DTA entry by EagleIronic
MTT #132 DTA entry
EDIT: Added a texture by :iconeruustock: found here:

Name: Beatrix
Nickname:  Beetle
Gender: Non-binary (AFAB; uses they/them pronouns).
Age: Mid-late twenties.
Height: Short. About 160cm (~5’) human form, about 130 (~4’) dragon form.
Saliva: Sumo mandarin.
Waitress at a small café, they are studying Environmental science at university.
: Playing guitar, singing, camping and exercising (usually running or swimming).
Location: The Netherlands.
S.O.: Asexual.
Status: Single.

Personality: Beatrix is quiet, modest and introverted. They don’t like being the centre of attention and would be quite happy to spend hours alone studying or practicing the guitar. Beatrix is polite and tries their best to smile and treat everyone with respect and kindness, even the really rude customers that come into the café. Beatrix has a generally cheerful disposition and tries to help their friends as much as they can, they always lend an ear to her friends if they have a problem and always puts others first. They don’t like to share their problems. Behind the smiling exterior is usually a lot of self-consciousness and uncertainty.

Bio: From a young age Beatrix was always fascinated with nature and what the Earth used to look like in documentaries and books. Beatrix loved the outdoors and would often be found playing with the cockroaches, flies and other insects that they found outside (or even in the house). Beatrix would get so excited to see a bug that they would follow it up the walls if they could and so they were given the nickname “Beetle”. Beatrix always wondered how the Earth got to the way it is and whether it was possible to fix it. This is what led Beatrix to pursue a career in Environmental science so that hopefully they can change the world to making a better place for humans animals and insects.


MTT (C) annicron 
design (C)
Art (C) me!

From Adoption round 23

Arceus by EagleIronic
My interpretation of Arceus I drew a little while ago to test this tutorial by :icondae-thalin:.
I had to spend some time adjusting the brightness and contrast to bring back the intensity of colour, particually in the gold sections. The grey and black didn't scan very well either.
Thanks Dae for the really amazing tutorial!

Arceus (C) Pokemon/Game Freak
art (C)me!
Fursuit Friday: The workspace by EagleIronic
Fursuit Friday: The workspace
I thought it would be a good idea to upload photos of the WIP of my fursuit to help me get motivated and stay motivated.
I know this photo doesn't have any fursuits in it, but hopefully future uploads will :D.
Monster Troll by EagleIronic
Monster Troll
An image I made for a project at school. I am pretty happy about how the linework turned out.

art (c)me!
I remember seeing this done by another deviant awhile ago, but I can't remember their name. Anyway I want to practice my human (and anthro) anatomy so I am creating a challange for myself and I need characters to draw.

This is how the challange will go:

1. Comment below with a ref of your character (or characters). It can be a ferel ref, but I will draw the character anthro.
2. Write a brief description (maximum a couple of sentances) describing your characters personality and something they like to do. It could look like this:
"Happy go lucky; fishing"
" *character's name here* has a very quiet and resevered personality, they are an introvert and spend most of their time reading books..."
I don't really mind what you write, just don't give me an essay. Oh and please keep it appropriate (no NSFW or stuff like that), I am going to use these descriptions as the inspiration for the picture of your character.
3. I'll go off and draw your character!

Extra things you can do (but you don't have to :D):
Write a journal advertising the challenge. If you do link it in your comment so I can see!
That way more people see the challenge (and I get self promotion! XD)

I'll make a list here of people who comment and want their character as part of the challange:

1. Crescendo (Ref) for :iconthe-insane-musician: Done!
2. Magdalene ( for :iconirishime: Done!
3. Marzipan (Ref) and Morte Bella (Ref) for :iconlulakan:
4. Arkham for :iconcheshiretails:
5. Keys (Ref) for :icondarkdragonblood:
6. Titan (Ref) for :iconalkurademoralmaneke:
7. Vidar for :iconjos-if:
I'll probably stop it around 10 or so people, but it depends on how much interest I get in the challenge.
Lastly, I'm not going to set a timeframe for when these pictures will be finished, so please don't hastle me. :)

Thanks, Eagle!



Artist | Varied
My absolutely wonderful icon is made by :iconubunku:

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